LA-CO Lead-Free Compliance


The new Lead Free Law is affecting everybody in the industry.  It has been a long, difficult process  figuring out what materials to use - and starting January 4, 2014, everybody will need to be in  compliance

Make sure to carry all the right lead free materials, including the right soldering flux.





So what's the bottom line? LA-CO® Soldering Flux is always the safe choice.

 LA-CO Soldering Flux is lead free and compliant with the new Lead Free Law - it meets the ASTM B813  standard and is certified to NSF/ANSI 61-G.  LA-CO Soldering Flux is the best choice for soldering lead  free valves and fittings.

For more information on the LA-CO Soldering Flux, please visit the product page.

Cool Gel Product Shot - JPG

Protect lead free valves during soldering with LA-CO® Cool Gel®.

Cool Gel works to help avoid costly heat damage to lead free  valves and fittings.  It is easy and safe to use, and leaves no residue.  

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