The New LA-CO Site


Welcome to the new


The new includes the following great tools:

Multi-language functionality: As a global company we now offer all product information, including our new “Find a Product” selection tool, in English and Spanish. For other languages we have also included Google® Translate. Look for the language flags at the top of every page on our site to easily click between different languages.


“Find a Product” product selection tool: As a leader in plumbing and chemical products, we saw a need to help our customers find a product for virtually any application immediately. We converted the internal knowledge of 78 years of plumbing chemical know-how to an easy-to-use selection guide. From the homepage or any product page click the “Find a Product” button, select “Application” or “Product Type” and answer no more than 5 simple questions. Click “GO” and our selection tool will narrow the product search to a few choices based on your answers. From there, you can choose the right product for your job.


Other great new features: Here are some other great new additions to

  • Expanded features and benefits section: we have explained in greater detail how our products are designed and the benefits that are experienced by using quality, high-performance LA-CO products.
  • Product approvals and product application information: each product now contains a list of any applicable product approvals. Each product also contains a list of the best materials that the product can be used on or with.
  • Easier navigation: we simplified our navigation and reduced he number of clicks to reach a product so that the right product can be found faster.
  • Updated product pages: we improved the way to find a part number of any product on the product page.